1983 Jeep CJ7

Rust free Tub & Frame!!!

4" spring lift, 1.5" body lift, 1.5" shackle lift = 7" total lift

YJ tub: built to look & function just like a CJ7 tub

Hardtop, bikini top, and full steel doors with working locks & matching keys

258 I6 motor, T-4 transmission (4 spd), Dana 300 transfer case, Dana 30/AMC 20 axles are all original


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heater control cables
heater hose
heater duct
dash light kit
heater & wiper controls

fuel hoses

steering stablizer

mirror bushings
seat covers
u-joints (front & rear)
4" spring lift with shocks
1.5" shackle lift kit
1.5" body lift
tires & wheels
wheel - spare 15x8
extended brake lines
side marker lenses
front turn signals

diamond plate corner guards
rocker guards

grad 8 bolts throughout
some interior grade 5 were used



seats out of a Wrangler (both: recline, flip forward, and slide)
tub from a 93 Wrangler
frame with shackle reverse kit & steering mount welded
rear seat
doors (old style)
hard top (Wrangler)

tail lights

front driveshaft (custom rebuilt from Wrangler dirveshaft)

33X12.50 spare tire


(I would replace myself, but I'm out of money)

transfer case shifter (knob broke off; hence the tennis ball)
glove box
windshield trim
glass & trim for passenger mirror

gas gauge doesn't work - either the sending unit or the gauge itself
temp gauge doesn't work because it's looped with the gas gauge

oil pressure gauge doesn't work

tailgate cables
new knobs for fan/wiper motors

tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc)



* The Jeep runs good, shifts good, and the 4wd system is good too.
* I bought a frame that had a shackle reverse kit welded as well as the steering mount
* I had a custom front driveshaft made since the front axle is approx. 2" further forward from the shackle reverse kit.
* The tub is from a 93 Wrangler and had the necessary parts welded to make it just like a CJ7 tub.
* Tailgate is fully functionable.
* I bought the reclinable seats from a fellow Jeeper out of his Wrangler: driver's side is OK, pass is great
* The neoprene seat covers are too great to even worry about the seats.

* The actual horn button is in the garage somewhere. I'm sure I'll come across it soon.

* The clock was working before I took everything apart, but it hasn't since I re-installed it.
The tachometer, speedometer, wiper motor, fan blower, etc. all work fine.
* The paint job did come from Maaco, so it's not a quality like you'd see on a BMW or something.....It IS a Jeep!!!

* 33 x 12.50 Pro Comp M/T's on new 10x15" 767 black wheels
* The spare wheel is 15x8

* The diamond plate corners are mainly being used to cover up the Wrangler gas filler hole which is on the left side.

* The Jeep is currently titled in Tennessee, but I live here in Georgia now



* If you decide to sell before auction ends; what is your asking price? Can you give me a little detail on what shape the engine and trany are in?

* What are you asking for the jeep to buy outright and take off the auction? In detail, what kind of shape is the engine and trany in?

I'm asking $6500 OBO, but the reserve is set at $4999.
Engine & tranny are original and working fine. They are a little dirty and greasy, but I didn't find any leaks. There are NO spots in the driveway from the CJ.

* What are any known problems with the jeep. Rust? If so where and how much. I am located in Nashville tn . what is the price locally ?

The rust was taken care of when the tub & frame were both swapped out.

* I know it is a frame up rebuild, but how many miles on engine, tranny, any rust? other components replaced? What is the reserve? If you wanted to sell it know what amount of cash money would you want?

All these questions can be answered above.

***NEW 15 X 10" AR 767'S

***NEW Door handles with
matching keys on both sides


***NEW mirror bushings


***NEW wipers with
new springs in the arms

***NEW turn signal lights



***NEW amber marker lenses


***NEW paint



***NEW 2x3x1/4" angle rocker protection


Rockers are good lifting point

***NEW diamond plate corner guards


33 x 12.50 Pro Comp M/T's


Recently picked up this spare



1.5" body lift


Shackle reverse welded


Custom front driveshaft


***NEW 1.5" shackle lift



***NEW 4" spring lift


***NEW window crank


***NEW window crank


*** NEW Neoprene seat covers


Driver seat


Passenger seat


Both seats flip forward


Back seat moved forward 2"


The red button is the horn


***NEW heater cables, dash lights

Heater duct taken from YJ


Tennis ball used as shifter


without tennis ball


258 I6


Oil pan
Tranny left side

Tranny right side


Tranny & transfer case
Transfer case

This is after I got it painted


Just testing it out
You can see the gas filler hole on the other side

Full set of CJ flares


Rear set of YJ flares
box of misc parts
Running 258

Running 258


258 gasket kit

258 gasket kit instructions


Dash pad
Cracks in dash pad


If there is a particular picture that you'd like, shoot me an email to CJ@jeepjeep.com.





$6000 OBO









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